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IAMS: Proactive Health Dry Dog Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs

IAMS has been formulating dog food for over 70 years now and is a globally recognized brand. IAMS pet food understands that the dietary needs of each pet differ based on a variety of factors. This is why they offer you a wide selection of recipes so you can find an IAMS dog food option that suits the individual needs of your furry.

The IAMS puppy food recipes take into account that they need meals that are easier to digest, should contain immunity support, and also a higher level of nutrients to suit their development. IAMS food for small and medium-sized breeds is tailored to suit their rapid growth (they grow much faster than large breed dogs) and their activity levels.

You can find both IAMS large breed puppy food and adult IAMS large breed dog food. Food for large breeds needs to keep in mind their different dietary needs and that they are prone to joint issues.

IAMS also caters to the needs of different life stages from puppyhood to adulthood and beyond. For golden oldies, look for IAMS senior dog food. Pet parents can browse the exhaustive dog food catalogue to find the best IAMS dog food for their pets. IAMS dog food recipes are supported by research from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

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