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Introducing HUFT A/W‘23 Collection

This Winter,
keep your loved ones close,
and your furry fam closer.

Our products are built to last, for your lasting memories together.


Fits like a glove, as if made just for your pet!
Our sweaters are knit for

hugs to remember

  • Soft on your pet’s skin
  • Breathable & stretchable fabric
  • Lightweight for ease of movement
  • Vibrant colours & patterns



Stealing hoodies and stealing hearts!
Our sweatshirts are designed for

days to remember

  • Stretchable & soft
  • Warm on your pet’s skin
  • Lightweight for ease of movement
  • Easy to wear



You and your pet ready to take on the world!
Our jackets are made for

outings to remember

  • Waterproof & lightweight
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Reversible to match the mood
  • Leash opening at the back for walks


Beds & Mats

Sleep tight, it’s a cold winter night!
Our beds and mats are built for

dreams to remember

  • Relieve anxiety & tension
  • Bolstered for maximum comfort
  • Anti-skid base
  • Easy to wash



Fuzzy socks mingled with furry paws!
Our blankets are crafted for

cuddles to remember

  • Warm & comfortable
  • Wash effortlessly
  • Ease anxiety & tension
  • Multi-purpose


Our pets turn little moments into wonderful memories.
With the HUFT Winter Collection, make it a season to remember.

Love for our Winter’22 Collection

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Pet parents often ask

  • Are the cushions in the dog beds for winter removable?

    Yes! The cushions of the dog beds are removable and can be used separately as a cushion or a mat, making them versatile to fit your pet’s need.

  • How do I wash the winter bed for my dog? Can they be washed at home?

    The dog beds for winter can be cleaned and washed at home easily. Please refer to the care instructions available in the product description of the specific bed before washing it.

  • How do HUFT dog beds and dog mats relieve/ease anxiety?

    The soft fur of HUFT beds and HUFT mats provide warmth and enough space for the dog to curl up comfortably, reducing nervous tension and anxiety.

  • Are the dog blankets reversible? What makes HUFT blankets versatile?

    Yes, HUFT blankets are reversible to fit your pet’s need, making them versatile. The softness of fur blankets also helps ease your pet’s anxiety.

  • Are the winter blankets for my dog machine washable?

    Yes, the dog blankets are machine-washable in cold water with a mild detergent. Please refer to the care instructions available in the product description of the specific blanket before

  • Can I carry my HUFT dog mat with me?

    Yes! Our dog mats are light-weight and can easily be folded or rolled up. They can also be moved around to make any and all spaces cosy for your pet!

  • Are HUFT dog mats better than HUFT dog beds for sleeping?

    Both HUFT dog mats and HUFT dog beds are great for sleeping. For longer duration or a night’s sleep, we recommend HUFT beds as they are posture-friendly with bolsters on all four edges. For shorter duration, a nap during the day or lounging, we recommend HUFT mats with a firm foam base.

  • How do I wash my dog’s HUFT mat? Are they machine-washable?

    Yes! You can machine wash HUFT dog mats separately using cold water and a mild detergent. For more information, please refer to the wash and care instructions mentioned in the product description.

  • Is there a zip or velcro closure for dog sweaters or is it a pullover?

    All sweaters and sweatshirts are super-comfy pullovers, available for dogs of all sizes. Some sweatshirts do have velcro opening at the neck for ease of wear.

  • The dog sweater’s size got stretched after a single wash! What can I do now?

    All customers are advised to follow the wash care instructions provided for the dog sweaters to maintain their shape and quality.

    In the event that the sweater loses its shape, it is not possible to restore it.

  • Are the dog sweaters and dog jackets machine-washable?

    Yes, all dog sweaters, dog sweatshirts and dog jackets are machine-washable with a mild detergent. Please refer to the wash and care instructions mentioned in the product description.

  • Do the dog jackets have a hole on top for harness loops?

    Yes, all HUFT dog jackets come with a hole so the leash can be attached to your dog’s harness, making them the perfect must-have for those winter walks!

  • Are HUFT dog jackets waterproof?

    Yes, all HUFT dog jackets are waterproof so the winter mist doesn’t stop you or your dog from having fun!

  • Are the dog jackets suitable for temperatures below zero degrees?

    Our dog jackets are designed to keep your pet warm during cold temperatures. However, different dog breeds react differently to extreme temperatures. We recommend observing how your pet reacts to the weather as well as the product. For example, if your dog is uncomfortable with the jacket on, it's best to take it off and keep your dog indoors.

  • Are all the HUFT dog sweaters, dog sweatshirts, dog jackets, dog beds and dog mats made in India?

    Yes! All our dog sweaters, dog sweatshirt, dog jackets, dog mats and dog beds are proudly made in India with a lot of love, care and thought!

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